Effective Treatment for Personality Disorders at The Cabin Dubai

There are many types of personality disorders, and most are gender dominant, but the most common we see at The Cabin Dubai are: borderline personality, histrionic personality, paranoid personality, obsessive-compulsive personality and dependent personality.

People with personality disorders do not often seek help on their own, and instead seek therapy at the request of a partner, family member or employer. The reason is that personality disorders (PD) are a certain set of fixed beliefs and behaviours that the person with PD may see as completely appropriate and reasonable, while loved ones and those around the person find them difficult to tolerate.

Many clinicians feel that PD is not an actual mental illness, but an extreme type of personality that results in normal thinking and behaviour being well outside the general norm of others.  While some mental health providers will not take PD clients, and will claim PD cannot be treated, The Cabin has vast experience with these conditions and has found that a customised, focused and rigid therapy programme can often result in significant improvements.

The Cabin’s therapy programme for personality disorders involves:

  1. Identifying target, undesirable and dysfunctional behaviours and thoughts.
  2. Recognising the harm they cause in self and others.
  3. Determining alternative, functional and healthier behaviours and thoughts.
  4. Designing specific strategies to replace and reinforce new thinking and action.
  5. Integrating these skills into daily life so as to minimise interference in social, career and personal success.

At The Cabin Dubai, we recommend a therapy schedule of at least one session a week for two to three months in order to truly address a personality disorder.

Please note: if you prefer, we offer Telehealth services, allowing you to receive treatment from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

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