Effective Treatment for Marijuana Addiction at The Cabin Dubai

Following alcohol, marijuana is the most widely abused drug in the world. Marijuana and the related drug hashish are categorised as hallucinogens due to the psychedelic effects they cause. Research indicates that between five to nine per cent of people who use marijuana become dependent on it.

A common debate is whether marijuana is a ‘gateway drug’– a drug that leads the user to experiment and become dependent on harder and more dangerous drugs.  This debate is irrelevant to us, as we have seen many clients whose addiction was limited to marijuana and still found them severely addicted and unable to function successfully.

If you or someone you care about is experimenting with marijuana, you are not alone – but you should not delay seeking treatment.

Our Marijuana Addiction Treatment Approach

At The Cabin Dubai, we employ effective treatment programmes for marijuana addiction and abuse.  Although psychologically addictive, marijuana has minimal physical withdrawal symptoms, so a client can begin treatment without any delay.  Our combined cognitive-behavioural and abstinence goal models of counselling allow the client to identify how their addiction developed, recognise recovery goals and learn new, adaptive coping skills.  Clients work with their counsellors to build a programme of recovery that, if followed, can ensure recovery from marijuana. This also prevents the development of a substitution addiction to a new or different substance.

Please note: if you prefer, we offer Telehealth services, allowing you to receive treatment from the comfort, and privacy, of your own home.

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