Gambling Addiction Treatment at The Cabin Dubai

Aside from betting on horseraces, gambling is technically illegal in Dubai. Despite this, those who seek it out can usually find many opportunities to gamble – from betting on football games and online gambling to illegal secret casinos and gambling dens. Gamblers are inherently risk-takers. Indeed, 63 per cent of respondents surveyed admitted to gambling despite knowing that it is illegal.

What is Gambling Addiction?

A type of process addiction, gambling addiction can best be described as the compulsion to gamble or despite this behaviour having a negative impact on the gambler’s life. Debts begin to climb, other negative consequences start piling up and yet, those who are addicted to gambling cannot resist the overwhelming urge to place another bet.

The repeated action of gambling has been found to actually cause changes in the addict’s brain similar to that seen in the brain of someone addicted to drugs or alcohol. Once this occurs, professional treatment is usually the only way to overcome the obsessive need that accompanies gambling addiction.

Signs of Gambling Addiction

Financial consequences such as loss of money and assets, as well as high levels of unmanageable debt, are the most obvious signs of gambling addiction. Without treatment, those suffering from gambling addiction may find themselves selling off major assets including cars and homes, borrowing money from loan sharks, and even stealing money from friends, relatives, their workplace or anywhere else they can.

Lying goes hand in hand with problem gambling as the addict attempts to hide their addiction from those close to them. This dishonesty can cause serious strain on relationships and families, shattering the trust built between loved ones. Personal relationships sustain further damage as a result of the irritability and defensiveness that often accompany gambling addiction.

Work or school obligations often suffer, as a problem gambler may neglect these responsibilities in favour of feeding their gambling addiction. The stress of increasing monetary loss and debt can have damaging effects on emotional wellbeing, affecting moods, triggering anxiety attacks and more.

While some can enjoy gambling strictly recreationally, others find themselves gambling beyond their means and unable to stop as the addiction takes over. When losses start mounting and life begins to feel out of control, it’s difficult for people to know where to turn for help.

The Cabin Dubai’s Proven Treatment Techniques

Our flexible outpatient programme allows clients to live at home and maintain their regular professional and personal routines, all while receiving the highest quality gambling addiction treatment.

Our highly skilled team of addiction professionals have a deep understanding of all aspects of the complexities of gambling addiction. Their extensive experience treating addiction allows them to thoroughly understand and predict the challenges you will face as they guide you on your recovery journey.

At The Cabin Dubai, we take our clients’ confidentiality seriously. We believe that addiction and treatment are highly personal matters and ensure that we conduct ourselves with the highest degree of discretion to protect your privacy as you focus on recovery.

Please note: if you prefer, we offer Telehealth services, allowing you to receive treatment from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Gambling Rehabilitation That Works

At The Cabin Dubai, we utilise an innovative method of treatment that is unique to The Cabin Addiction Services Group’s centres. Especially effective for process addictions, our intensive Recovery Zones treatment method combines cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness and a modified version of the 12 Steps to create an incredibly effective programme. By focusing on identifying and predicting addiction triggers, building coping skills and learning relapse prevention techniques, our intensive yet manageable programme helps clients reach their recovery goals.

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