How does The Cabin Dubai treat addiction?

The Cabin Dubai specialises in treating both substance and behavioural addictions using a pioneering treatment model called Recovery Zones. Our programme was developed to treat the wide spectrum of issues you might face in overcoming your addiction, such as deep traumas which need to be addressed, simultaneous drug or process addictions and co-occurring health problems. Our Recovery Zones framework enables us to address every aspect of your addiction, holistically.

How does The Cabin Dubai promote mental wellness?

A combination of cognitive behavioural therapy, 12 Steps, mindfulness and EMDR will be used in your treatment programme. During your assessment, we will determine which models work best for you, your circumstances and your treatment goals.

Why should I choose The Cabin Dubai? What’s the difference between The Cabin and other rehab centres in the UAE and abroad?

Our specialised programme, built on our proprietary framework called Recovery Zones, consists of a combination of the most effective therapies available in addiction treatment. We are the only treatment centre in the region offering this ground-breaking, holistic programme. In addition to our revolutionary treatment method, our experienced counsellors are thoroughly trained to help accelerate your recovery. By specialising in a range of treatments and offering personalised attention, we are uniquely positioned to enhance your quality of life.

Will The Cabin Dubai ever share my information?

At The Cabin Dubai, your confidentiality and anonymity are our top priority. We know that the stigma of addiction and penalty for use are extremely strong in Dubai and the UAE, so we are extra careful with your data. Even though we work for the government, we are completely independent of the police and will never share your information with them.

I just completed inpatient rehab abroad. Why should I come to The Cabin Dubai for ongoing recovery support?

Research indicates that being enrolled in local outpatient aftercare, following a detox or inpatient programme, is the most effective way to avoid relapse. Our treatment programme is culturally and legally adapted to meet the needs of residents of Dubai and the UAE.

How can my family be involved in my treatment?

The Cabin Dubai’s family programme has been specially designed to integrate your family into your treatment. They will be by your side every step of the way.

My family member (parent, spouse, teenager) needs treatment but doesn't want to go. What can I do?

Contrary to popular belief, treatment doesn’t have to be voluntary to be effective. Contact us to schedule a confidential phone call or Skype assessment with our counsellor, during which we’ll develop a plan that caters to your specific circumstances.

Is The Cabin Dubai accredited?

Yes. Our treatment programme was developed by an internationally certified and accredited addiction counsellor and our staff are the foremost addiction treatment professionals in the region. Our team at The Cabin Dubai collectively have over 40 years’ experience in the field of addiction, have attended all of the drug and addiction recovery courses offered in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and specialise in all areas of mental wellness.

Is treatment offered in both English and Arabic?

Yes. All services are offered in both English and Arabic.

What happens during an assessment?

The goal of your initial assessment is to develop a treatment plan that is custom tailored for you, based on your specific circumstances. First, we’ll go over your history to better understand where you’ve been. After that, we’ll talk to you about your current problems and concerns. Once we understand your situation, we’ll develop a plan to help you reach mental wellness.

How can I keep track of my progress during treatment?

The Cabin Dubai will create a treatment plan for you before you start receiving treatment, so you’ll always know what the next step is. During treatment, we’ll share your records and progress with you. You’ll be fully informed every step of the way.

How long is a session?

Each session lasts for one hour.

Does The Cabin Dubai partner with other organisations?

We currently work with, but are independent from, Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous. Both groups hold meetings at The Ownak Center.

How much does treatment cost?

Treatment costs AED600 for individual sessions and AED300 for group sessions.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, cheques and cash.

Is treatment offered on a remote basis?

Yes. We have developed a web-based Telehealth platform that enables us to offer confidential and accessible treatment throughout the UAE, meaning that there is no need for you to commute to our office. Right now, we offer treatment via Telehealth for individual and family sessions.

Are there separate classes for men, women and teenagers?

Yes. Separate classes are offered for men, women and teenagers. Classes run simultaneously, but they are held in different buildings.

Which methods of ongoing recovery support are available?

Ongoing recovery support is offered in person or via Telehealth. Either way, you will be given tools to navigate recovery and offered additional support if you need it.