Effective Treatment for Ecstasy Addiction at The Cabin Dubai

Ecstasy, also known as MDMA, is an amphetamine with psychoactive properties.  One the world’s most common ‘designer drugs’, ecstasy first appeared as a party drug, used primarily in rave and dance clubs for its effects of stimulation, energy, increased sexual desire, and auditory and visual hallucinations.

While some ecstasy users report using once or twice a month with no perceived side effects, there are many documented cases of death from ecstasy use, even for first timers.

Habitual or long-term use of ecstasy can result in confusion, irritability, depression, sleep disorders and psychological cravings. Most clients who come in for addiction treatment for the use of ecstasy have been abusing it in combination with other drugs and alcohol, but primary ecstasy addiction is not uncommon.

Ecstasy was originally viewed as a young people’s drug, but over the last 10 years, abuse and addiction has been found in most age groups and across all demographic populations. While withdrawal from ecstasy is not generally physically dangerous, the psychological addiction can be very strong and requires structured therapy to overcome.

Confidential, Effective and Affordable Ecstasy Addiction Treatment

The Cabin Dubai specialises in providing international standard, effective addiction treatment in an outpatient rehab setting, administered by licensed professionals.

Please note: if you prefer, we offer Telehealth services, allowing you to receive treatment from the comfort and privacy of your own home ­

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