Effective Alcoholism Treatment at The Cabin Dubai

The most common substance people are addicted to worldwide is alcohol, and Dubai is no exception. Recent studies indicate that Dubai is ranked in the top five countries worldwide for alcohol consumption per person.

Because alcohol is legal and its use is promoted heavily in the media, it can be difficult to notice when alcohol consumption becomes addiction. For many clients, this is compounded by the fact that their peers drink socially and experience little negative consequences. In this environment, how do you know if your alcohol consumption is a problem?

When alcohol use stops being a choice and starts to create a negative impact on one’s life, the harm can be seen in many ways:

  • Difficulty with work performance, attendance and satisfaction
  • Trouble with or avoidance of family and social relationships
  • Financial difficulties
  • Increase in medical problems, or decrease in general physical health
  •  Depression, isolation, anger, lack of motivation and hopelessness

As every person is different, the patterns of alcoholism can be unique.  For some people, their addiction involves daily drinking, but generally does not result in binges.  This is known as ‘maintenance drinking’ and may be more about avoiding withdrawal, than seeking oblivion.  For some people, they can go days or weeks without a drink, but once they start drinking, they have difficulty stopping and may experience two- to three-day binges or even blackouts.  Some people are what is known as poly-substance dependent, meaning addiction to two or more chemicals, with one of them usually being alcohol.  These people may switch back and forth between chemicals, but they can rarely go any period of time without something in their system.

If you feel that you’re struggling with your alcohol consumption, you’re not alone. Alcohol dependency is the most common addiction we treat at The Cabin Dubai.

Medically Supported Treatment for Alcohol Dependence

Detox and recovery from alcohol addiction is serious and should be undertaken only with the help of experienced professionals.  Alcohol withdrawal is highly dangerous, and if done incorrectly may result in serious side effects like seizures and heart attack.  At The Cabin Dubai, we work closely with a psychiatrist who can prescribe medications to help minimise withdrawal dangers and discomfort, and assist with temporary hospital admission if necessary.

Once a client’s physical withdrawal is completed, it’s essential that they continue their treatment programme with no delay.  It’s even possible for hospitalised clients to begin counselling prior to their discharge.  Our combined cognitive-behavioural and abstinence goal models of counselling allow the client to identify how their alcoholism developed, reveal traps and triggers that can lead to relapse, recognise recovery goals and learn new, adaptive coping skills.  Counsellors work with clients to build a treatment plan that, if followed, can ensure recovery from alcoholism as well as prevent substitution addiction to new or different substances. Because alcohol consumption is so prevalent in Dubai, we place special emphasis on how to avoid uncomfortable situations and navigate the ‘normal’ world as a newly recovering person.

Why Dubai Residents Find Confidential, Professional and Accessible Alcohol Addiction Treatment at The Cabin

The Cabin Dubai specialises in providing world-class, effective addiction treatment in a discreet and confidential setting, administered by licensed professionals. As many of our clients have fulltime jobs and many personal commitments – we have designed our treatment services to be flexible and fit into their lifestyles.

Please note: if you prefer, we offer Telehealth services, allowing you to receive treatment from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

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